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Announcement: #PPDChat goes video @OnTheAir

I am SO excited to invite y’all to the very first LIVE VIDEO #PPDCHAT!!!

(The caps and the exclamation points drive that home, right?!)

Starting this Thursday at 8pm ET, I will be going live at OnTheAir for the very first time. I’m extremely excited and somewhat nervous. I’ve only done video conferencing/chat with my kids. But I guess if you can get a 4 year old to respond via the Internet, you can handle adults, right? Right?!?! At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

#PPDChat started nearly 2 years ago as part of a makeover here at my blog. It’s skyrocketed. #PPDChat is a wonderful, compassionate, resilient, and amazing community both on Twitter and at Facebook. The closed FB group is nearing 100 members and I know we have far more participants on Twitter. The 24/7 peer support offered through the hashtag is a beautiful thing when in motion. To this day, I have not witnessed one single act of abuse or mal-intent with this hashtag, which is mind-boggling given the inherent stigma which goes along with the issue of Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders.

So, it’s with a deep breath, a lot of nerves, and a very excited heart I dive into the world of video for the community of #PPDChat. I believe it will bring us closer, increase our authenticity, and further reduce any stigma which exists around the world of Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders.

A few notes though:

OnTheAir does not currently have any way to come “On Stage” without activating your video camera. IF you do not want to be seen but want to be heard, I suggest taping paper or doing something to block your video camera (point it away from you if you have to) before you click the “Call In” button. I know many of you value your anonymity. I want you to feel comfortable participating without sacrificing your privacy. You don’t have to “Call In” to participate as there is a chat feature which scrolls out to the side.

If you want to “Call In” and be on “Stage” with me, you will need to register with the site. If you just want to watch, there is no need to register. Registration is free at this time and  can be done by signing up through either Twitter or FB. You’ll need to RSVP to the show in order to get an email reminder of when it’s happening.

If you have any questions I’ve not covered here, please ask them via comment or find me on Twitter (@unxpctdblessing). I’ll do my best to answer them or get the answer for you.

Links you’ll need to participate:

Join OnTheAir here: http://www.ontheair.com/home

RSVP to this Thursday’s show (Topic – Open Forum) here: http://www.ontheair.com/show/483

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

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