Sold Out? Kendra Wilkinson & Postpartum Depression

In March 2010, the media wrangled the story of Kendra Wilkinson’s struggle as a new mother into tabloid stories about Postpartum Depression. Kendra pushed back, claiming she was never diagnosed with Postpartum Depression but that she did have depression. The following excerpt is from a post I authored on the topic:

“She didn’t brush her teeth or hair. Didn’t shower. Finally looked in a mirror and was mortified at the reflection. Even remembers stating she “had nothing to live for.”

The media took immediately jumped on the express to Postpartumville. Postpartum Depression hits ex-Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson. See? Even the perfectly beautiful people have drama and struggle! Cha-Ching!

Yet this week, the week her show premieres, Kendra is pushing back at the media.

According to Kendra, she didn’t suffer from Postpartum Depression as she was never officially diagnosed. And she should know as she’s been in and out of therapy her whole life. Kendra admits it was indeed depression but not postpartum.”

Instead of calling it Postpartum Depression and educating her fans, she labeled it as “Post-Pregnancy Sadness” and moved on with her life.

Think I was upset then?

Try now.

Kendra has a new memoir coming out next month which chronicles her life as a new mother. One of the terms being used to promote the book?


Postpartum Depression.

You know, now that Gwyneth and Bryce Dallas-Howard have chic’d it up, Kendra seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Am I judging, something I repeatedly say I’m not cool with? Hell yes. Why? Because I am absolutely against using the term Postpartum Depression solely to move merchandise.

Yes, she may have had Postpartum Depression. Yes, she may have ended up diagnosed and perhaps her story is indeed detailed in the book. Maybe I should give her some wiggle room. But when you have a celeb vehemently deny the usage of a term and then suddenly embrace said term, it’s a bit hard to swallow. Yes, I realize there is denial involved in Postpartum Depression. All of us have struggled with denial related to PMD. I really want to feel like giving her a break but given her prior behavior in shunning the entire issue, it’s hard to feel compassionate right now. It’s hard not to see this as anything beyond a publicity stunt.

If she did indeed struggle from Postpartum Depression and has since recovered, I’m truly happy for her and wish her all the best with her continued success. I hope she learned a lot as she journeyed through Postpartum Depression. It’s a dark valley but there are many lessons there.

But if this is merely a marketing ploy, I am deeply saddened and disappointed to see we’ve reached this point with Postpartum Depression. Maybe I shouldn’t care so much. Maybe I should just be happy the term is being used. Perhaps I should hope someone among her fans will identify with the term and research it.. find help.. save herself. Any publicity is good publicity, right? I’m not able to come to good terms with this one right now. Maybe one day, just not right now.

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  1. Erica

    OK, so I’m coming out of the woodwork here. I read your post last night and I was like WTF? The first thing I felt was anger. I watch Kendra’s show and what I have ALWAYS liked about her is her honesty and how she “keeps it real” as she says. I watched her after she had her baby and loved that she always showed (and talked about) how she felt with her body image etc. I did think at one point that she was struggling with depression and of course having just had had her son recently I thought “PPD!! For sure PPD!” As a celebrity, I think that it would’ve been totally wonderful to have had her address it, posted some helpful websites, numbers etc about it but I never saw any of that. I remember thinking what a good voice she could give PPD with so many young mother’s watching her show and hey, even this 30 something mother watching. I had no idea she had said that in an interview or denied that that it was PPD. I felt angry last night at first because of that I think. She has the voice to spread awareness about this! Which is why my anger then quickly went away–ok so maybe a tactic to sell but STILL awareness if being brought about for PPD which is GREAT news to me and to all the other people who have suffered with this. I guess I’m with you on giving her the wiggle room but still upset over the opportunity she had to do this PRIOR to her book and didn’t. Whatever it is, we will see I guess when her memoir comes out. Hmmm, maybe we can read and have our take on it? I shall get in touch with someone on that one.

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