#PPDChat Topic: Frustrated: Coping when family & friends don’t understand

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  1. ephiz

    This is a great website. Thanks for starting it. I am emailing as I am thinking of having another baby but wonder if that is a selfish and horrible idea. I had severe postpartum after my second pregnancy three years ago which was years after my first (my first child is 18 years old) and had to be hospitalized for 10 days due to OCD/fear that something would happen to my child. I also have lupus though it is stable but there are risks with that and pregnancy for sure. I had no depression at all after my first child though I was a single mom. I attribute the PPD to chemicals but also to pressures at the time in my life and certain circumstances with my sweet little babe- some of these pressures have gotten a lot better such as my relationship with my hubby and a better support network, some have not gotten better such as money worries, and some might be better if the child’s health is better (my son had reflux and NEVER slept) . I am at the age where I am almost have run out of time/ it may be too late already as I am in my mid 40s but I find myself still wanting another child. I always wanted 3 and it was very hard for my first child to grow up essentially as an only. Am I selfish to be thinking this? What if I do get PPD again and cannot take care of my child/do not get out of it? Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks.

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