Just Talkin’ Tuesday: Let’s talk about sleep

"Sleeping Like a Baby" by NoVa Hokie @ Flickr

The person who coined the phrase, “Sleep like a baby,” clearly never had one. Granted, when babies DO sleep, they are peaceful. For all of what seems like two seconds. And then bam. Right when you hit the couch, they’re up again. Diaper. Feed. Burp. Walk. Rock. Glare at the pile of laundry skulking off to Vegas and wondering how you can hitch a ride without anyone calling CPS. Yeah, I think we’ve all been there a time or two.

I remember the early days. Blurring together, feeling like I had just closed my eyes only to have hubs waking me to inform me of Babe’s infinitely empty stomach. But I JUST nursed! No, it was about two hours ago. What the… really? So I’d jump roll slowly creep out of bed as I cursed the boob monster responsible for ripping me from my nest.

Sleep. My best friend in college. The reason I had no classes before noon my senior year. The reason my last quarter of college only had me in one class well after noon and only twice a week. I mean, really. Whole days of sleeping in – who is going to begrudge you that in college?

Once the kids are in school, I tell myself, I will take the first day off. I will put all three of the children on a bus at 635 a.m. because that’s what time it gets here, I will smile and wave. And then? Then I will Irish Jig ALL the way up the damned driveway, happily skip into my bedroom, reset my alarm for 2pm, and close my eyes. Think I’m kidding? August 5, 2012. I.WILL.SPEND.THE.ENTIRE.DAY.IN.BED. It’s on my calendar.

They say you can’t catch up on sleep. Once you miss it, it’s gone. No sleeping in on the weekend will recapture the sleep you missed out on because Junior decided 345am was an awesome time to wake up and play with trains. Or because Princess decided that 213am was the new 7am. Nope, you’re so screwed out of that time. I don’t know that I believe that. I always feel better after sleeping in on a Saturday.

So let’s get to just talking – how are you sleeping? Falling asleep easy? Feel rested when you wake up? Or are you struggling to fall asleep? Waking up feeling like you never quite got the rest you should have in the hours you were sleeping? Or are you not sleeping at all? Sleep deprivation does feed into Postpartum Depression. And Postpartum Depression? Yeh, it decreases your quality of sleep. Lovely. Oh, the havoc of sleep deprivation!

I will say this – prior to becoming a parent, coffee was not my best friend. It is now my holy grail. For without it, I would never survive.

How do you survive your sleeping issues? What works for you? Any tips for moms with PPD currently struggling with sleep issues? Toss ’em out there into Comment Land. I’m sure there are some Moms in need of suggestions!

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  1. TJ

    Hah, I love the idea of sleeping the whole day through once the kids are in school! A noble goal!

    I used to say that sleeping was my hobby. Now I agree that coffee is ultra necessary.

    And I’ve definitely noticed that the days I get to bed earlier, I’m much more patient and able to see the bright side of things. When I’m sleep-deprived, yeah, not so much.

    I’m really enjoying your blog, by the way! Thanks for being so consistent and intriguing!

  2. Joan

    I long for sleep. Between the PPD and anxiety that screws it all up and my son’s desire to get up at least once a night I feel like a walking zombie much of the time. Unfortuntely, it is really hard to lay down and take a nap when I can – once again thanks a lot PPD!! I will say though, that at my lowest of lows, the Lord was merciful and he would sleep (or at least pretend to and lay there) through the entire night. Now, though that I’ve begun to see real glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to party like arock star every freakin’ night. I love him, but what I woudn’t give for a good 8 hours uniterrupted by either baby or PPD and anxiety!

  3. Ann

    I have had sleep issues since the baby came home from NICU 11 months ago. On a good day, I sleep 5 hours and that is with ambien. I am so missing sleep. I use to be such a good sleeper. You would think my body would just give out and sleep away. They keep saying that day will come. I just dont see how my mind will ever relax enough on its own to go to sleep naturally again. Its been a crazy ride

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