Just Talkin’ Tuesday 10.20.09: Reader’s Voice

Today, rather than a guided topic, I’d like to open up today’s Just Talkin’ to the readers.

Have something you need to vent about? Questions about Postpartum Mood Disorders? Something you wish you had known when you were recovering? A general comment?

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0 thoughts on “Just Talkin’ Tuesday 10.20.09: Reader’s Voice

  1. stephanie

    i have questions that have been floating around my head lately…to you survivors out there–how will i know when i’m “well”? how will i know when my meds are working to their maximum benefit? do some of the symptoms pop up long after you’re recovered? i’m wondering if 4 years from now i’m going to be chopping vegetables for dinner and still have horrible flashes. i guess i’m just a little worried that i’m going to be stuck here. or that my “all better” won’t be good enough.

    1. Lauren

      Stephanie –

      We all have days when it gets hard. Even those who haven’t gone through Postpartum Depression have hard days.

      I always tell women that when the good days outnumber the bad – when you can turn a bad day into a good day even part of the way through – when you know that a bad day is just that – a bad day – and not a relapse, this is a sign that you are on the upside of things.

      As U2’s song says – you’re stuck in a moment. You will be free. And your all better may look different than another’s, but as long as it’s good for you, it’s good enough.


  2. cafegirl

    Stephanie –
    I TOTALLY remember feeling those EXACT same feelings and thinking those EXACT same thoughts and today I don’t have those thoughts anymore. But I don’t know when it really happened – like it wasn’t like one morning I woke up and thought… oh, I am SO BETTER now. It was gradual. I know that at the point you are at right now, that doesn’t really help – because I have been there and people have said those exact words to me. I wish I could come in and take away all your pain – but that’s not possible either. I guess I also should add that sometimes (my son will be 2 this January) I still have moments when I have fleeting thoughts that are reminicent of PPD – but I do have depression, so maybe that’s just my depression and not PPD (hard to know). I just know that the DARK, awful, hopeless, scary feelings and thoughts that I had – I don’t have anymore and I don’t want to hurt everyone all the time (myself especially) I don’t cry all the time, I can actually function and smile and laugh. It will come – hang in there…. you gotta hang in there and you need people who love you in the ring fighting it out with you. We weren’t meant to fight alone. Thanks for sharing – hope I didn’t go on too long….

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