In the past six weeks, we have all been sick.

Two trips to the hospital (with two different kids for two entirely different reasons), one rushed trip to the pediatrician due to a seriously swollen and red bug bite, a head cold that won’t quit for all of us girls, and that’s just all the stuff besides normal every day life.

I’m tired.

In fact, I’ve gone to bed before eight pm twice this week. Yes, twice. This week. And it just started!

The house is a wreck.

Days are crazy again due to the whole one vehicle thing – my schedule is insane. I feel like I should just set up shop in the car. I’m up and out the door by 715 every morning (this means waking up at 530 so I can have the girls showered, fed, and dressed) to take Alli to school – then home. Chris gets ready for work and then we pack Charlotte and Cameron up around 9 and take him to work. Then home. Then lunch and nap. Up and out the door by 215 to go pick up Alli. Then home for an hour and a half and then off with all three kids to pick up Chris. No wonder I’m asleep before my head even hits the pillow most nights.

I’m not resentful at all – this is just what we have to do right now so we do it. Life is so full of everyday challenges. If it wasn’t, I’d be bored. We’d all be bored without the daily drama regardless of how much we may moan about it.

Hopefully we’ll get the other truck working soon. We think the starter needs to be replaced but man that’ll be nice.

Another nice thing is the falling gas prices. I never thought I’d be ready to throw a party just because gas is actually less than three dollars/gallon.

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