Need to vent – just a smidge –

During a trip to the grocery store this morning, I saw something that really irritated me. I try my darndest not to judge parenting choices of other parents. However; there are some basic care decisions that well, seem obvious.

This morning as I was going into the grocery store, I saw another mother carrying a child (who appeared to be 5 or 6yo) into the store. The child was dressed in a fairy/ballerina costume and had no shoes, leggings, stockings, and was also not wearing a jacket. When I left my home for the grocery store (which is 5min away), it was 35 degrees outside. Granted, the mother wasn’t wearing a coat either so maybe they’re just warm-blooded. But my gut feeling was that this child threw a major fit and refused to put any of the above obviously required clothing on prior to leaving home. And the reason I have that feeling is because I heard this child throw a temper tantrum in the store. And the mother immediately gave into the whims of the child. Yes, I have given in on occasion, sometimes it’s just not worth it, but my children rarely throw fits in public because they KNOW we will go home and they will lose privileges as well as whatever we were there to buy.

It wasn’t so much the behaviour that I found appalling, but the lack of warm clothing on the child. UGH! She should have at least had stockings and shoes on – but barefoot? At 5 or 6? And being carried into a store? Ummmm – NO.

Ok, I’m through Venting. Thanks for reading. I’ll return to the normal inspirational stuff tomorrow, I promise. 😉

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