OB Appt this morning…

Didn’t actually get to see the OB this morning – he had 3 deliveries. (Busy week!)

I spoke with his primary nurse and mentioned that I have been having pelvic issues again. I have a history of my sacro-iliac joint becoming misaligned during pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, it was horrific. I couldn’t get into or out of bed, the car, the shower, put on socks, turn over, put shoes on, etc, without tears streaming down my face. My first OB told me “Welcome to pregnancy” HAH! yeah, um, pregnancy should NOT cause so much pain that you’re in tears. Labor maybe. But not pregnancy. My second OB sent me to PT. I’ll be doing PT this time around as well. I’m also trying to get a wedge pillow so that I can sleep on my back – sleeping on my sides is just not an option. My hips are KILLING me.

I was hoping to be able to speak with the OB this morning on a somewhat professional level about PPD and give him some of PACE’s handouts, etc, for him to give to his patients. Of course I wanted to see where he was at as far as treating PPD prior to just handing stuff over. I would have at least been that considerate. But because he wasn’t available, the nurse made a note that I wanted to speak with him about PPD and hopefully we’ll be able to work something out.

As far as the baby goes, they had a heck of a time finding a heartbeat. My babies do NOT like diagnostic equipment while in the womb. Both girls were hiders too. They finally found the heartbeat for just long enough to get a measurement and it was in the 150’s, which is good. Still haven’t gained much weight this pregnancy, if any, which I’m still dumbfounded about because I’m eating so much stuff that I probably shouldn’t be.

So therapy is tomorrow and I am really looking forward to sitting down with Jane and a cup of coffee and just having a quiet hour of reflection out of the house.

Speaking of reflection, today’s appt was kind of odd for me. After they finally found the baby’s heartbeat, I was both  relieved and still a bit disappointed. As before, more relieved than anything because I got sick earlier this week due to something I ate so I had been worried about the baby – I had started to feel movement mid-last week and the past few days not so much movement. I was quite relieved that the baby was still ok – and maybe because I had been thinking that miscarriage was a very real possibility – maybe that’s what caused my emotional response this morning. It was pretty difficult when they were trying to find the heartbeat and couldn’t at first. I started to think that maybe I had lost the baby. *lightbulb* And hey, you know what, I DON’T want that to happen. I am a mother of three. One of them just isn’t here on the outside yet. Wow. I’m gonna go now and just let that sink in. I’ll be back when I get a minute or two.

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