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Morning Sickness Go AWAY!

The last two days have been miserable!

I can at least still eat and haven’t yacked just yet… today was the closest I came to that miserable line. I ALMOST had to run to the bathroom. ALMOST.

C’mon Ms. morning Sickness.. this just ain’t fair… I’m just three weeks shy of my second trimester here. PLEASE PLEASE be nice and be kind – and don’t make me rewind my dinner!

Addendum to Just one lil’ babe!

Forgot to mention that my OB this pregnancy is very ok with me staying on my current med. He knows the risk factor of relapse and that there really aren’t any major studies that state severe harm to the fetus related to the current med I’m on. So thankfully I’ll already have the meds and don’t have to worry about suddenly going off them. He pretty much told Chris and I that this is our pregnancy and he’s just here to guide us when necessary. I absolutely LOVE how laid back he is – he mentioned that most providers would even make me take the Glucose Tolerance Test at this point due to a prior episode with Gestational Diabetes during my first pregnancy – and he was cool with me opting out of that one and just doing the standard 24 – 28week test. I am thrilled about that because anyone who’s ever done a GTT knows how horrible that stuff tastes! UGH! And if you can get out of doing it more than once in your pregnancy – you better believe I’m taking that option! (I didn’t have GD with my second pregnancy, BTW, which is why I felt comfortable opting out) I feel confident that he will really respect my wishes and won’t try to promote some weird personal belief on the pregnancy. Where was this guy during my first two pregnancies?!?!?!?!

Just one lil’ babe!

This past thursday, May 31st, we had our first OB visit for this pregnancy. You know, the fun one – where they poke, prod, have you pee in a cup, and do other very uncomfortable things to check on the baby’s progress. I am SO glad that’s behind us!

We are indeed as pregnant as we thought we were so we were correct in the day of conception. Of course the OB’s office insists on adding those two weeks so when I went I was 8wks 3d pregnant according to u/s measurements. Which means my due date is Dec 28. That’d be nice – having the baby this year instead of next year – would LOVE the extra money but hey, the baby will get here when he/she is supposed to! And the u/s only showed one lil’ babe thank goodness. My husband is the son of a fraternal twin and his grandfather was a twin so while not a huge risk, still something we both worry about whenever we get pregnant.

This pregnancy is still very surreal to me – not sure if it’s because my days are full with the other two or if it’s because I just don’t have any major pregnancy symptoms like I did with Charlotte and Alli. I’m very active now – mentally and physically. We started doing stroller rides about three weeks ago after breakfast and I have to say that I feel great. I’ve actually lost weight so far instead of gained – and if you knew the way I was eating, you’d know what a miraculous statement that is! I have to eat ALL the time to keep away the Queasy tummy syndrome. For added fun, both dogs have had the diarrhea/vomit thing now – poor things. The second dog, Maggie, isn’t doing too well. She stays in her crate during the day because frankly, vomit and poop are about the only things that make me want to vomit. I don’t know how I manage to change the girls – I just do! And if the dogs go, chris has to clean it up when he gets home, hence, why maggie is in her crate. I’m making her some rice with chicken using chicken broth as the liquid. She’s not eating and I’m starting to worry about her. Hopefully she’ll start to eat today. (It’s day 3 of her being sick, day 2 of not eating)

My mom gets back from Ireland today so I get to chat with her either this evening or tomorrow. I’m hoping she just rests when she gets in and doesn’t bother calling because I know she’s exhausted. I’m a bit jealous she got to go – maybe one of these days I’ll get to go too! I joke with Chris that if U2 ever plays a farewell tour and has a date in Ireland, I’m going no matter how I have to get there. I’ll swim the Atlantic if I have to! LOL! (I doubt I’d make it!)

Gotta run, the rice is finished and Charlotte’s bottle is warmed up. And mommy needs a nap. :-)