Ahah! I think I’ve got this figured out..


Ok, so yes, Ms. Morning Sickness is here to stay. (AKA all day long and night sickness) BUT I think I have it figured out this time around. Thank goodness for Sprite Zero and a full belly. As long as I have a Sprite Zero to nurse and a full belly, I’m good to go. When I start to get queasy again, I know it’s time to munch again. I’m trying to keep fairly healthy food around to munch on – although I’m preferring mostly protein, today pretzels seemed to do the trick. Had a large steak dinner (YUM) and the mashed potatoes substited as my baked potato with tons of butter craving. Yeah, ok, so not exactly healthy but I ate light the rest of the day! LOL. Besides, when else can one pig out and have a legitmate reason for doing so? The BABY made me do it!!!! LOL!

I’m starting to do better with the fatigue too (darn, I was really loving that napping thing!) but hey, at least that means I’ll actually start getting stuff done during naptime again.

Today I finished Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. And I have got to say that it was an absolutely amazing book. For those of you who are not familiar, Aron was the climber from a few years ago who got stuck in a canyon and was forced to break and amputate his own arm to escape. The book is superbly written and I would highly recommend it as an inspiring read. (Note though for you non-climbers- read the glossary before you start – I wish I had!) The part about the amputation is actually quite technically written as he was very methodical about everything he did during his ordeal. It’s truly amazing what the human body can survive when the spirit has the willpower.

I did take a nap after I finished reading though. Then the Babies Can’t Wait folks showed up and woke me up. GRRRRR. Charlotte barely qualified for an additional year of service due to language/speech delays. Although they did say that for everything she’s been through (cleft palate repair, g-tube, medically fragile for the first 5 months of life), she’s doing quite well. Besides speech, there’s really not much she can’t do. She’s still on the bottle but I think most parents have a hard time with that transition. It’s just a little harder on Charlotte because she can’t suck that well and most sippy cups require suction. We’re working on it though and have had the most success with the NUBY cups. She does better with the full size rather than the trainers though. The trainers leak entirely too much.

Gotta go – I’ve run out of Sprite Zero and I’m starting to feel a bit nauseous again.

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