Monthly Archives: December 2007

Grumpy Day

We moved Charlotte into Alli’s room last night. They were both ok until the light got turned out and then they both started screaming. They calmed down rather quickly and went to sleep. Chris says they were up several times, Alli had to go potty. I got up at 430a to go to the bathroom and heard them both giggling.

Today has been a horrible day. I had an OB appt this morning (that went well) however, coming home was a whole ‘nother story. Chris had bathed both the girls because apparently Alli had helped her take off her jammies and her diaper – getting pee everywhere. FUN. Alli had also opened her armoire and threw all of the clothes I just washed all over the floor. Fun. Now I have to wash them again.

For added fun, when I went to put Charlotte down, her crib was broken – missing a cap nut or something so Chris came home at lunch to fix it because I couldn’t find the missing piece. (I have my suspicions as to where it will turn up though)

Alli is spending time with me during quiet time now because if I put the two of them in that room together during quiet time, it will be a disaster – I know this. (she’s driving me friggin insane!)

To top things off, I think i am having a bit of false labor today – had what felt like contractions earlier this morning at the doc’s office and then again when Chris was on his way home. Not sure if it’s the real thing getting ready to rock n roll or just the stress of last night and today. The ones that happened when Chris was on his way home happened while I was sitting down and I had been doing so most of the morning.

Right now I just want to go somewhere and scream. If I have to hear one more friggin excuse about why we can’t watch THIS movie, I’m just going to scream right now.

FRAZZLED is my word for today. Yeah, I think Frazzled sums it up.

Labor can’t happen tonight. Course if it does, at least I’d get some time away from the girls. LOL. Pretty desperate, huh?

My Top Ten List of Favorite Inspirational Movies

I have always loved movies. Especially movies that focus on how an individual overcomes barriers life puts in their way and goes above and beyond expectations of those around them – people who turn and fight and won’t take no for an answer. I am watching one of those movies right now and well, inspiration struck and I figured I’d share my list with you! They are not in any particular order, just listed.

1) Cool Runnings (watching it right now)

2) The Pursuit of Happyness (a new recent favorite!)

3) Erin Brokovich (Probably the first movie that made me feel like helping other people!)

4) The Mission (oldie but a goodie – Jeremy Irons, DeNiro, and Liam Neeson.. great flick but not for the faint of heart)

5) School Ties (Besides the benefit of a gorgeous Brendan Fraser, this film is an amazing story of moral strength and being true to yourself)

6) Rudy (Sean Astin is amazing in this true tale of Daniel E. Ruttiger from Notre Dame!)

7) Patch Adams (do I really need to say anything else here?)

8 ) North Country (again, not for the faint at heart, but what an amazing story of strength)

9) With Honors (Great film about living with dignity and not being afraid to show others your true colors)

10) Instinct (Again, very powerful and not for the faint of heart but this is a great movie featuring Cuba Gooding Junior and Anthony Hopkins. Humanity bares it’s very soul in this flick and leaves you breathless!)

My Project Today

Today I spent the bulk of the girls’ nap time putting together a relaxation slideshow in Powerpoint. I plan on having this going during labor. How effective it will be remains to be seen but I found a plethora of really beautiful photos and finally got them to all cooperate into one big slide show. I contemplated making it a bit… oh, dang it…. um.. SUBLIMINAL! (I hate it when words elude me!) but decided that would ruin the overall beauty and flow of the photos so I opted just for photos. I have also requested DH make a mix cd with songs chosen by me. A very ecclectic group of songs but all of them really just make me relax and/or invoke a positive emotional response.

Here’s the Song List for the CD and I am going to TRY to upload the slideshow but I can’t promise anything… I’m really not that much of a computer genius. (Which is why I married one!) Not so successful with the slideshow. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

Oasis – Wonderwall
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Anna Nalick – Breathe
The Verve Pipe – Freshmen
U2 – Mysterious Ways
Jewel – Intuition
Alannah Myles – Black Velvet
Live – Lightning Crashes
The Eagles – Hotel California
Jewel – Foolish Games
Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
The Proclaimers – (I’m Gonna Be) 500 miles
Jewel – You were meant for me
Sting – Desert Rose
Shakira & Alejandro Sanz – La Tortura

And we have a date!

I am tentatively scheduled for induction on Dec 17th at 7pm. Provided the scan and amnio that morning show the same rate of growth and mature lung development, I’ll be going in for a Cervidil induction that evening. OB and I discussed risks of induction as well as method – and thankfully he likes to go slow with the pit if it’s needed so I’m good with that. To be completely honest, I know that natural spontaneous labor is best but with my pelvic issues, the potential large size of baby, and me just well, having those typical 3rd trimester feelings, I am OH SO READY to be done with pregnancy forever, part of the reason I am not fighting this induction as much as I have fought inductions in the past.

I have another OB appt next monday, a talk therapy appt this friday, and my last PACE meeting of the year a week from tomorrow. Everything is neatly falling into place and I honestly have to wonder if God’s hand isn’t in this somehow. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that one and just have to Thank Him for this situation!