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Whatever Wednesday: The Soapbox that Couldn’t

If you’re fragile, please refrain from clicking the links in this post. Heck, avoid this post altogether.

Here’s some holiday cheer for you instead:


For the rest of you hanging around, on we go.

I tweeted yesterday about getting on my soap box today about a tough topic.

Gung ho, I started to blog. I had visions of a terrific blog and then… then… I realized that what I was writing made me no better than the people about whom I wrote. So I stopped. I lost inspiration and I let it go.

But I promised a blog post. So here I am, blogging, about what I did not blog about yesterday.

You see, what I had planned to blog about was Liberty University‘s ever so brilliant cover of Antoine Dodson’s Bed Intruder Song. Someone in my Twitter feed posted a link to the video the other day. The official Liberty University You Tube Channel is carrying this video and the official Liberty University Twitter account is promoting it. Chancellor Falwell Jr. stated in a Liberty University press release that this video proves that even Christians have a sense of humor.

Here’s the video in question:


Now, I’m a Christian through and through. I laugh at some pretty twisted stuff, watch stuff I probably should not watch as a Christian, and I know I say things I should not say as a Christian. I am human. I am flawed. I am sinful in nature. And thankful for God’s grace. That said, I do not purposely go out and try to commit sin then expect to be forgiven even though I know it comes with the territory. No, I try to be the best me I can be and sometimes, at my best, that’s imperfect. But that’s okay because God loves me regardless.

That said, as a Christian, I draw the line at laughing and finding humor in another human being’s tragedy or harm.

Yet this is PRECISELY the line Liberty University has crossed. I think it’s highly inappropriate. But again, that’s just me. I am not the one to whom they will answer. All of us have a different perception. You may find this hilarious. It is indeed witty and entertaining. However; in my opinion, not at all appropriate for a Christian University regardless of their omission of the word Rape from the performance. Last time I checked, Attempted Sexual Assault was no laughing matter. Also? We teach our kids that dumb is a bad word. We should never call anyone dumb nor should they allow themselves to be called Dumb. Yet – well, the performance speaks for itself. As does the news post at Liberty’s own website.

Perhaps Chancellor Falwell, Jr., would also like to send this card to Antoine Dodson’s sister? After all, we Christians do need to show that we have a “Sense of humor,” right?

(Oh and by the way? Etsy is TOTALLY okay with that card being for sale at their site. See here)

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Video of Capitol Hill Press Conference celebrating enactment of MOTHER’S Act

As my regular readers know, I typically do not post anything beyond my Friday Soother on Fridays.

But this important and I know you will want to watch it.

The video is 33 minutes long but OH SO WORTH IT.

What a wonderful celebration!