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More irresponsibility from ABC regarding PMD’s


ABC has really outdone themselves on the stigma and ignorance angle. Before we go any further, yes, I realize this is a fictional show. BUT keep in mind that ABC approached PSI to attempt to be responsible but didn’t follow through and instead jumped straight through the flaming media sensationalization hoop. Why? Because that’s what brings in the almighty dollar. Shame on ABC for selling out on responsibility.

A quick visit to Katherine Stone’s blog this morning got my juices revving again. And Susan Dowd Stone was not happy about the display either.

Bad enough that Private Practice chose not to air the carefully crafted PSA but they didn’t provide proper direction for the PSA to even address the right thing.

Then, ABC now has a poll up at the Private Practice website asking if a mother who is being treated after attempting to drown her baby should have access to her baby. The answers available? Yes, it would motivate her to get better and then No. Totally insensitive and irresponsible.

And let’s not forget the attempt at being “professional” by Private Practice with their Researcher’s Blog which is supposed to explain the weekly episode with facts, etc. This week’s entry blows. The researcher explains mania and manic behavior yet offers no insight into how the dad missed mom’s behavior. (Hello! Unless Dad knows what to look for and has been educated by professionals around him AND mom is communicating because she too has been educated, it’s very easy for dad to miss the signs and symptoms – I know I hid my symptoms pretty well for awhile the first time around because I knew how I was supposed to be acting.)

Katherine is calling for a boycott of the show and I have to wholeheartedly agree. Pull the Plug on Private Practice and their sham of attempting to represent the medical world. How dare they drop the ball on such a sensitive topic! No voice will have a louder effect than a sudden drop in viewership because that means decrease in advertising and then well, if a show isn’t profitable anymore……. Spread the word – and stop watching.

Grace Awards

Finally! I’m catching up on an entire summer’s worth of stories. I’ve got four good ones here to get us started. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be going through the remainder of my notifications and posting awards here and there. Enjoy!

Grace Award Badge

“Loss of Loved ones reveals powerful strength”

Jackie Friedman, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 11, 2008

Moving and respectful piece about Becky Lavelle, Jennifer Bankston’s twin sister. Jenny Bankston took her life and her son’s life on December 17, 2007 after developing severe postpartum Depression. Becky went on to clinch an alternate spot on the Olympic Triathlon team. Jackie Friedman does an excellent and respectful job of presenting the relationship Becky and Jenny had and also of the grief Becky has endured.

“Book helped mothers deal with problem”

Memory McLeod, The Leader-Post, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

July 8, 2008

The story behind the book, The Smiling Mask – The Truth behind Postpartum Depression & Parenting. This book tells the story of three mothers and their struggles with Postpartum Depression. My favorite part about the article? One of the authors is quoted as she points out that women with PP OCD are bombarded with negative thoughts but don’t typically do anything about them. THANK YOU Memory, for using that quote.

“Are you ready for your newborn?”

Lisa Martin, special Contributor to Dallas Morning News

August 05, 2008

While this article is not entirely dedicated to Postpartum Depression, the section on PPD is awesome – Lisa includes symptoms, possible treatments, and what really makes me happy is that she mentions PPD can occur anytime during the first year after giving birth. Kudos to you Lisa for not limiting this to just the first six weeks of the postpartum period!

“Birth Trauma: Stress Disorder Afflicts Moms”

Rachel Zimmerman, Wall Street Journal/Health

August 05, 2008

Ms. Zimmerman does an absolutely outstanding job (and what else would be expected from the WSJ?) reporting on Postpartum Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Clearly she did her homework, interviewed experts, and the article shows true respect and compassion for moms who struggle with this disorder as a result of challenging childbirth. Thank you, Rachel, for a wonderful piece and shedding light on this rare and often undiscussed complication of childbirth!

Psalm 37:5

praying hands

Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.

This morning I spent in the confines of a local courthouse awaiting legal ramifications from my accident on March 29th earlier this year. Chris, his dad, and our pastor were all with me. And God was there, surrounding all of us and comforting me as I sat and waited. And waited some more. And some more.

We spoke with the prosecutor and shared with him my extenuating circumstances. Thankfully he took compassion on my situation and the court was merciful. I am on probation and will have to pay fines as well as restitution. Probation will end early if I pay restitution, fines, and provide proof of insurance and an up to date tag on any vehicle I own. I did not have any points placed on my license for the accident or the insurance and for that I am grateful. They could have taken away my license if they had wanted to do so. And when we called about restitution after arriving home, it had been reduced significantly. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I am relieved court is over and we can continue to move forward. There’s still a long road ahead of us but we are grateful for the opportunity to grow in our marriage and in our relationship with the Lord.