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Just Talking: If you could tell Hollywood ONE Thing about PMD’s, what would it be?

I asked this question last night during #PPDChat. The responses were so moving that I wanted to open it up for input here as well.

All too often, Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders are sensationalized by TV and movies. Terminology is confused. Mothers with “baby blues” end up in Psychotic rages and often there is no other way for a mother with a PMD to behave than to be Psychotic.

It’s not hard to do your homework, Hollywood. I understand that drama and thrill sells. I understand that you want to get your audience on the edge of their seat. But it’s also important to remember that a good portion of Americans GET THEIR HEALTH INFO from the programming for which YOU are responsible. Please. Be responsible. Be realistic for once. Show a mom who is in need of help and has support – show a mom who has not gone straight from the blues to psychosis. Psychosis is so very rare – why is the rate SO much higher in Hollywood films??

If I could tell Hollywood one thing about PMD’s it would be that not every Mom with a PMD wants to hurt her baby.

What would YOU tell Hollywood about PMD’s?

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