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Whatever Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dearest Dad,

Today’s your birthday. You’re officially well, another year older.

We discussed several things to get you.

Finally settled on a dancing and singing Gorilla.

But guess what?

They are greedy bastards.

The one we found required several thousand tons of bananas.

And wanted a massage every day.

Don’t even get me started on the Mai Tai requirements of this banana munching, massage needing big baby.


Given that we clearly were not able to meet said Gorilla’s requirements, we did the next best thing.

We borrowed Roger’s.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

We love you and wish you many more years.

Including at least one with your very own Singing Gorilla Birthday Telegram.




Happy Survivor Day to me!

Today, four years ago, at 2:20pm, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

She was three and a half weeks early after 42 hours of labor and not quite complete.

Her palate it seemed had not quite made the journey.

But she was eager to join us and had lessons to teach.

Oh, the lessons she had to teach were difficult to learn. But beyond priceless.

Lessons in love, patience, joy, understanding, beauty, laughter, faith, discipline, coping, and discovery of strength we did not know we possessed.

FOUR years ago today my trip down a spiral staircase began at a rapid pace.

But here I sit, four years later, the mother of three beautiful children.

I laugh, I cry, I parent.

But I am here. And here I sit as I sigh and smile, grateful deep down for all the time we have had and the time to come.

The mother of a child who, four years ago, needed a feeding tube to grow. Who needed round the clock care for the first month of her life.

The mother of a child who needed 6 surgeries in the first 5 months of her life.

And now – now she laughs. She talks. She eats without help. Without fear. Without a feeding tube.

She can say “Bobby” and blow up balloons.

Bubbles? Not a problem for this princess anymore!

She can say her ABC’s and sing a tune.

A good book is often found clutched in her sticky hands.


And I am happy.

I can understand 85% of everything she says to me. (Less than a year ago I couldn’t understand 50% of what she was saying)

She hugs. She loves to be tickled.

She can tell a very funny (and original) joke.

She is absolutely uncompromising on more occasions than I care to admit but I still love her with all my heart.

She says “I Love You, Mommy and I mean it!” which melts my heart more and more every time.

Four years later.

We’re closer than ever.

Happy Birthday to her.

Happy Survivor’s Day to Me.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to My Blog! We’re One!
I can honestly say that when I started this blog a year ago, I was merely trying to reframe my unexpected pregnancy. I had NO idea what it would become or where it would take me. And here we are, a year later, our son is nearly 5 months old, and nearly 10,000 people have visited my blog since inception. Wow. I hope that I’ve managed to change some lives through sharing my story. If it’s even just one life, it’s all been worth it. I know keeping this blog has been quite a journey for me, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!
Always take care of yourselves!