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What a crazy week!

Monday: middle child diagnosed with Bronchitis after an hour wait at pediatrician’s office. Come home, get her on bus, take youngest to get her medicine. Maybe an hour to myself in the middle of the day.

Tuesday: Husband diagnosed with bronchitis at ER after difficulty breathing. (Did not get to sleep until nearly 2am only to wake up at 545 to get daughter on bus in time!)

Wednesday: Recovery

Thursday: Oldest daughter’s cough gets worse.

Friday: Oldest daughter’s cough is much much worse, brought home early from an evening with grandparents.

Saturday: Urgent care with oldest. Diagnosis? Ear Infection and severe allergies.

Sunday: Catching up on the important stuff like email, blogging and trying to bake brownies in the waffle iron.

yeah. It’s been one of THOSE weeks.

Life… it happens!

What a weekend!

Chris hurt his ankle on Friday.

Alli, Charlotte, and I are sick.

Cameron is teething.

Chris tore ligaments in his ankle and is on crutches. Alli has Bronchitis and can’t return to school until Wednesday, Charlotte has the beginnings of Bronchitis, and well, I guess I’ve got the same thing.

I can hardly hear due to congestion. I’ve been going to bed every night around eight or nine for the past few nights. Hopefully things will start looking up as the girls get started on some meds and I get rid of my congestion. I’m tired.

On a more positive note, the kids and I went to the local zoo on Saturday. We had a blast and saw all of the animals except for the turkeys and the bears. We also went and saw Sanford Stadium – the girls were SO excited to see where the Georgia Bulldogs play!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get this blog back on track in the next couple of weeks but for now please bear with me as our family recovers!

(prayers would be GREATLY appreciated as well!)