Love for @signingcharity

When #PPDChat started, all I wanted to do was provide a safe space for moms to connect with each other. To learn about Postpartum Mood Disorders and find support. Over a year later, the community it has come to be so much more than my original vision. We talk, we laugh, we go well beyond support and education. We truly are friends. So when a friend is struggling, we band together to support her.

Many of you are close with @signingcharity and know she’s been struggling this week. So I emailed you. And asked you to support her today. Without hesitation, so many of you accepted. Said yes immediately. That? Is Love. And that is why the #PPDChat community is awesome. You are so full of love and nothing but love. You GET where she is, you know how she’s struggling. And I know each and every one of you will have good things to say for her. Things she needs to read and hear. I know today will be a blessed day.

Charity – you have come so far since we first began talking. You are strong even when you don’t feel like it on the inside. You are among the first to dive in when someone else is struggling. Offering advice even if you’re struggling yourself. Your self-care and self-advocacy has grown by miles. You are rocking it, mama. You are an inspiration and I am honoured to call you friend. One of these days we’re gonna meet and hug. I may not ever let you go when that finally happens. Seriously. I may not. We may need a crowbar. Or a greased cat. You’re that awesome.

And now, I’m gonna let the other mamas who have good things to say for you speak. Because well, they want to and they love you too.

Without further ado, I give you our link up for today:

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  1. Charity C (@signingcharity)

    Thank you Lauren. Wow. Just wow. Thank you. Thank you so much. (FYI, your link up doesn’t open til 9 pm tonight).

    Hubby is all for coming to visit you…wants to go camping and rafting where you live. Says I would look at it there and be so much more impressed than I am with my park.

  2. Kerissa

    Signingcharity, beckykid and miss lauren hale – you have all been huge for me on my bad…REALLY BAD, days. I appreciate you all and, although this week I’ve been mostly absent (the kid turned 1 today) I hope I can support others as you’ve supported and lifted me up. You’re all amazing, strong women and I appreciate every kind word and thought you’ve sent my way.

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