Dear #PPDChat Army: An Open Love Letter

Dear #PPDChat Army:

You are the most amazing moms in the entire world.

Your heart, your fire, your compassion, your wicked strength, your wisdom, your drive to not let anyone else suffer alone is mind-boggling.

This week, one of ours struggled publicly. You didn’t run away. You ran toward her. You held her. You listened. You reached out. For her. For yourselves.

So many of you dove into her maelstrom right along with her. You were there for her when it mattered most.

At the closing of every chat, I always say that help is only a tweet away. To use the hashtag and an army will be at your disposal.

This week?

You proved it beyond any reasonable expectation.

This week, you were an army. This week you bonded together, rallied around one of our own. This week you brought tears to my eyes. To the eyes of everyone involved. (HUGE thanks to the BAND for giving our mama a safe place to vent)

Thank YOU.

But now, now that she’s safe, in the hands of professionals and hopefully receiving the care she so desperately needs, we need to focus on ourselves. Turn the army toward ourselves.

When we support others, we often push aside our own fears. We push aside the scary, the hard, the sad, the bad. We suck it up because we don’t want the one to whom we’re reaching to think we are anything but strong.

It’s okay to exhale.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay not to be okay right now.

It’s okay to collapse.

It’s okay to say “Hey, #PPDChat? That was hella hard and I need support.”

We will be there.

It’s what we do.

It’s who we are.

It’s how we run things.

We’re strong, each and every one of us.

We’re beautiful, each and every one of us.

But we’re fragile too.

Together though?

As an army?

We are unstoppable.

We are here.


You, just like her, are not alone.

If you feel triggered by this past week, USE the hashtag.

I promise, an ARMY will be at your side instantly.

Because that’s how we do it.

I love each and every one of you so much it hurts.

You all ROCK.

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  1. Jana A

    From The Band: You are some of the most kick-ass, strong, amazing women we know. You fight hard… for yourselves, for your families, for your babies, and for one of your own. Please lean on Lauren and us over at BB2G if you need to. We are none of us alone and YOU have to put yourself first. We all put Pamela above our needs this week and now it’s time to take care of us. I’m so proud of the communities we have.

    Lauren, I guess you got your words out! xoxo

  2. Cristi Comes

    You are absolutely right Lauren. The army of love was amazing. We are all of us beautiful and compassionate women. I’m so glad she is safe and getting help. I also hope the example of lOve shines for all of us struggling that we each know we are never alone. Love you all!

  3. Liz

    Lauren, this is such a powerful post. You are amazing and the army is because of your wonderful support. Thank you for writing this. I don’t participate in PPDchat as often as i’d like, but I’m always following along. Always ready to help and be a part of the army.

  4. Maura

    Ok, so I’m new to this blog. This looks like a great group of women that I need to connect with as I’m in the middle of a PPD/PPA relapse that I’m crawling out of at the moment. I went off meds too soon, and I’m back with very dark, anxiety filled days until I can get meds figured out and at the right level. I’m not very good with twitter, so I don’t know how to use the chat feature. All I know is that I would love to be a part of this group more. So if one of you could help me in how to do that, that would be great!!

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  6. Susan

    Yes. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so emotionally drained…I think I separated myself from my feelings a bit because it was so frightening. Thank you for writing this. For creating a safe place for us. For always being there. I never feel alone – not with my #PPDchat mamas by my side. Love you.

  7. Pamela Gold

    Wow. That’s all I can say. WOW! The way I was lifted and carried into that hospital for treatment was amazing. Then to receive flowers within a few hours of getting my room assignment. I slept with that teddy bear each night, he was an amazing resource for me. I was able to hold onto him, close my eyes and envision all of you wrapping me tight with words of wisdom. My stay wasn’t the best, I actually believe I have PTSD as a result and a new diagnosis. When the time is right, I will begin to allow my story to unfold on my blog. For now, I have to catch up with my life. I’ve lost 6 days on the outside. On the inside I was being treated (for the most part) and it’s time to look forward. I have a new vision of positivity over the negative. It’s invigorating. Thanks to you. All of you. For your continuous love and support. The correct words escape me. So for now, I will simply say thanks, again….xoxox

    1. Lauren Hale

      You are so dearly loved by all of us. We were all there with you. I’m so glad to read the flowers and the teddy bear provided such a resource and hope for you. ((HUGS)) We are always here for you. You are NEVER ever alone.

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