PMD Support Group this Thursday in Greenville, SC

This morning on Twitter, I discovered a PMD Support Group announcement for Greenville, SC.

I contacted the woman who had made the announcement for more information. She has a Meetup Page for the group. I’m thrilled she is doing this as my first and sadly untreated episode of Postpartum took place only 20-30 miles away from Greenville, SC. To see support in that area for moms like me is so very meaningful.

Here’s the description for the group from the Meetup Page:

Join other new mothers who are struggling with postpartum depression and the many changes that come with having a new baby. Meet with other local women who are dealing with Perinatal mood disorders. PMD affects millions of women in the US every year and most cases are sadly undiagnosed but are very, very treatable. Please go to PSI International on the web to learn more about this terribly debilitating condition and please join the group. Families and friends are welcome. Our purpose is to help each other work through the challenges of PostPartum Depression (PPD) by providing a private, safe, supportive environment to share experiences, ask for help, offer advice and to provide support & encouragement on the road to recovery. We’re accepting members who are currently pregnant and at risk for PPD, first time moms with PPD, experienced moms with PPD, moms with a history of PPD who are in recovery and supportive family and friends of moms with PPD.

If you know of anyone in the Greenville, SC area or YOU are in that area and need support, let them know about the meeting this Thursday. Go here for more information.

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