The ABCs of PMAD’s: A Red Dress Club Challenge

The writing challenge for the Red Dress Club this week was to write a 26 sentence post with each successive sentence beginning in alphabetical order. Wow. It was hard. I’m glad I took the time to participate and hope you’ll enjoy the resulting post:


Among the perception of the multitude of Postpartum Depression & Mood Disorders, there lies a myth of the crying mother. Bawling one’s eyes out is not the only picture of a mother in the throes of a PMAD. Conversely, a mother may become extremely anxious or quite angry and irritated.

Depression may not be the same for every person. Each one of us carries a different set of luggage into the experience, thereby shaping the symptoms which manifest. For instance, if you are prone to anxiety or worry, your PMAD may manifest as more of an Anxiety Disorder.  Guilt also becomes a huge factor for many mothers. Hopes are dashed against the rocks as they struggle to cope with the juxtaposition of motherhood with a Mood Disorder.

Imagine getting all excited for a really big event in your life. Just thinking about all the little details works you into a tizzy. Knowing it will soon be here only increases your anticipation. Litanies of thoughts about things you’ll do on that glorious day dance through your head as you finalize your plans. Morning arrives. Never suspecting that by the end of the day your expectations will be dashed, you awake with anticipation filling your heart. Off to the events you have worked so hard to perfect you go. Picture perfect into the wild blue wonder. Questioning nothing.

Raised expectations, while a fabulous tool for some, are wrought with perils for others. Some may beat themselves up if those raised expectations are not met. Then others may drive themselves mad trying to meet and exceed those expectations. Until one day, they fall. Veiled in the darkness of failure, they stumble. Will they pick themselves back up and change their ways? Xenodochiality from mothers who have been where they are will be invaluable as they dust themselves off. You may never know why you stumbled until someone else drops into your life and needs to hear your story as they pick themselves back up. Ziraleets will be heard once again but only when we band together to hold our sisters up as they reach for the sun.

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    1. Lauren Hale

      Thanks! This is my first foray into the Red Dress Club writing prompt challenge. I’ve been stuck lately with my writing about PMAD’s so I’m hoping to participate more and break my writer’s burnout.

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