Whatever Wednesday: BlogHer in New York City? I’d rather be in Austin, TX!

I have to pack for my flight on Friday. It’s the first flight I have taken in over ten years. I am a little nervous. But I am a whole lot excited.

For the first time since I started advocating for and supporting families through Postpartum Depression, I get to meet a family I have only chatted with via email and Facebook.

And I am not doing it at BlogHer. (insert gasp and sucking of teeth here)

Nope, I am heading Southwest when every other respectable blogger is heading up to NYC!

I will be attending a Golf Tournament held by Luminant Technologies down in Austin, TX. This tournament is a fundraiser for Postpartum Support International. Why are they holding it? A year ago, one of the Diversity Council Board members’ daughter had some issues with a Postpartum Mood Disorder. He sought out information and support. Through an email group I belong to, he ended up with me! This fundraiser is his way of saying “Thank You.” If that’s not absolutely humbling……

I promise to take pictures. More than likely I’ll be doing some live tweeting too.

So that’s it. Short and sweet. Yet oh so powerful and meaningful.

I will not be at BlogHer because I am going to TEXAS for Postpartum Mood Disorder Fundraiser.

I think the blogosphere will forgive me.

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