Just Talkin Tuesday 07.13.10: Surviving a Bad Day

Everyone has bad days. But when you’re depressed, a whole bunch of bad days get strung together. Then you start to heal. And then WHAM. A bad day pops up out of nowhere. It’s not quite relapse but it sucks nonetheless. Even those of us who are recovered still have sucky days. We may be recovered but we are far from perfect. Far far far from perfect.

I know typically this is a longer post but frankly, it’s been a rough day here and I’m about to fall asleep. I spent the better part of the morning at the pediatrician and lab with my 6 year old daughter. We’re now waiting to see if she develops a rash to determine a diagnosis. I’m praying the rash doesn’t show up and the symptoms are just an unlucky combination. Somehow I’ve managed to hold it together and I totally credit the hell I went through with Postpartum Depression for allowing me to make it through this day intact. Exhausted, but intact.

I looked forward to sitting down on the couch and just vegging out tonight, listening to some music, and hanging with the ladies over at #PPDChat on Twitter. I needed it tonight.

What are some things you do to help yourself get through a tough day? Have you learned your triggers yet? Are you able to cut it off before it gets going? (If you’re not, that’s okay – everyone is at different stages of recovery!) What gets you to calm down?

Let’s get to just talking ladies!

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  1. Marcie Ramirez

    I try to be absolutely vigilant with my medications. I have been having a lot of bad days lately, even though my PPOCD was over 3 years ago. I think I’m out of the relapse part but I am still snappy and trying to get back into a good sleep pattern. One thing I really try to do is to acknowledge my thoughts and let them pass through. I breathe a lot and try to relax all the muscles in my body. I have no really close friends to call anymore since I’ve moved but I am really focusing on pursuing the “girlfriend” relationships that are so important to my recovery. Probably the biggest thing I do though is to get outside of myself. If I am helping others than I naturally feel better. Chatting with my facebook stalker always helps too…even when we’re just shootin’ the breeze about nothin’. 😉

  2. Kimberly

    I use breathing techniques for when things really start to get out of control but I have pretty bad anxiety and it controls the situation most of the time. I can spend days worrying about things that other people will shrug off to pass. Recently, I have joined a Zumba class and it helps and it seems that I have had less bad days since I started. I also talk to my friend here at work and she’s a bit older then me so sometimes she can point out instances that I haven’t thought or have a different take on the situation(s). Bad days for me can trigger a melt down that lasts all day and leaves me mentally exhausted. I am curious to see what other women do to manage stress on a bad day and get some good ideas to make it thru to the end of the day.

    1. Lauren Hale

      I’ll also make tea, watch something funny on TV, or eat chocolate if it’s around. Cuddling with my dogs helps as does giggling with the kids. And on the really rough days, I’ll have a drink. Another favorite of mine is to go and sit on the front porch and smoke a cig with my hubs. Healthy, I know. But it allows us to spend time together and gets us out of the house. Whatever works!

      I’ve also been known to put myself in time out on really tough days. I’ll tell the kids mommy is in time out and they cannot talk to me until my phone beeps. (I give myself about 5 minutes, put on Pandora and just zone out) I’ll also escape to the kitchen to cook. Just me and the food.

      Both Pilates and Yoga are another big help for me. I try to do at least 20 minutes a day but haven’t been so great about it lately. What I like about Yoga & Pilates are the breathing and connection it creates between mind and body. Creates a mindful awareness.

  3. Rena

    seriously i love long hot baths but yeah right! who has time for that? so a 10 min hot shower relaxes me and comfy clothes. i have my fav-go-to-make-me-feel-better PJ’s! when it’s the kids getting to me i have learned its so much easier to stop and hug them instead of being upset with them. you cant be mad when you are hugging someone! same for hubby! and sometimes it’s just a quick drive to sonic by myself after daddy gets home for a diet dr pepper.

  4. Bipolar Mom

    As I read your post today, I thought of something;

    When I start to have a bad day, ever since the PPD fog years ago, I automatically wonder (and sorta worry), that it is the beginning of a relapse. The beginning of a long journey through a fog that I never want to live through again.

    I still don’t know exactly what I like to do when having a bad day, to be honest with you. Get some “me” time in somehow, maybe? I do know that a trigger of mine seems to be the week before af. The hormones make me bonkers!

  5. shleemama

    I am just like Kimberly. Once I have a bad day it can very quickly turn into a melt down. I am so withdrawn and exhausted all day and just want to curl into a ball and be alone. I just recently admitted that I had a problem going on so all of this is very new to me. I am so thankful to have a forum like this to come to where people understand just how I am feeling.
    Just currently I have started doing a running program which has really helped make my days much much better. I have also make a huge effort to do things for myself. I am applying for Nursing School soon and hope to start in January. Always something I wanted to do. Just thinking about myself and doing it has helped so much. My triggers are my daughters crying
    (when it def is just trying to get what she wants), nap time anxiety, bed time anxiety, and my husband not helping me. Some days its all wrapped up into one. Can be really bad. Just recently I have been able to use some self talking and asking myself if getting upset is worth it in this situation. Seems to help. There are days when I can not and I am on my road to getting help for that. Sewing, showers, leaving the house, working out, and blogging has really helped calm me down and keep me as level headed as possible.

    1. Lauren Hale

      Leaving the house. I just did that one – went for a glorious 1 hour drive in the sun with music blasting away. Well, until I lost cell service and couldn’t play Pandora anymore. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll swing by more often. And there’s always Twitter. May today be a good day for you!

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