Prayer Request

I’ve had a reader contact me with a prayer request.

She’s been reading for awhile now and has experienced OCD with two pregnancies.

This past January the OCD came back with a vengeance and she’s fighting back with medication.

She shared with me the following:

I’m not in a good place and I wondered if you could pray for me.  I just started back on medication a week ago.  My husband says I’m getting better but I don’t see it.  I’m putting my faith in God but at times I can’t picture that I can ever get back to my vivacious self that I used to be.  Everything is hard right now, sleeping, driving, some days I look at the clock and can’t believe I’ve made it another hour.

If you could send up a prayer or two for her, I know it’d mean the world to her.


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  1. aata1607

    Loving God,

    I want to lift up one of the readers of Lauren’s blogs who is going through the Postpartum OCD in my prayer. I do not know her, but You DO…and YOU know her in every little details…YOU have searched her and YOU know her…and YOU know that at this very moment, she is walking in the dark. Heavenly Father, I had my PPD about 6 months ago, and still have the cloudy feelings from time to time…I was terrified, but with Your gentle voice, You told me to put my trust in You. Thank you for delivering me from my darkness, and tonight, I pray for this woman who really needs You.

    Dear Lord, please be near this reader. Please stay close to her, and wrap her with the same loving arms that have wrapped me. Please deliver her from whatever she is feeling right now. Please protect her and give her peace in her heart… the peace that surpasses her understanding. Please give her strength to do things in her life, even the simplest things like waking up and driving. Please cast the fogginess in her head.

    Loving Father, I know that You love her, because she is precious in Your eyes. You are our Refuge and Redeemer. You see every tears, and You hear every cries. Merciful Lord, please see her tears and hear her cries. We place our burdens on Your feet…because we are tired and weary, and only You can give us rest.

    Thank You, Dear Lord. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You for Jesus Christ who died on the cross. Thank You for loving us just as we are.


    Psalm 3:4 To the Lord I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill.

  2. cheryljazzar

    “…of women diagnosed with major depression 45% have excess copper levels while only 3% of men with major depression have excess copper”. (Pfeiffer Treatment Center data)

    Excess copper is a known precipitating factor for postpartum anxiety disorders, especially OCD. When a woman is pregnant excess copper serves to help develop key features in the baby like blood vessels. These levels are supposed to drop after the baby’s birth.

    But, if the mother does not have adequate levels of zinc, manganese, molybdenum, vitamin C, progesterone and vitamin B6 the excess copper cannot be shed as effectively and, like any metal, excess is not good.

    More info:

    Also search WellPostparum for ‘copper’ to find info on copper and prenatal vitamins; etc. I am happy to share what I know with this mother.

    Remember, God said ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. So this knowledge can be taken as an answer to prayer. This certainly was the case for me!

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