Milking cows is cruel; Milking Humans? Not so much!

PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has taken it a little too far. Way too far, actually.

Apparently they’ve written a letter to Ben & Jerry’s asking them to use human breast milk in their ice cream because and I quote, “cow’s milk is hazardous and that milking them is cruel.” Yet milking human women isn’t cruel?

As a mother who Exclusively Pumped for seven months, I can attest to how difficult breastmilk is to extract. Not only would it be cruel and unusual to milk women, the price of Ben & Jerry’s would sky-rocket if they were to use breastmilk.

Here’s a link to the PETA site with their side of the story.

I am disgusted with this recommended course of action, even if it is just some sort of attention grabbing ploy. How absolutely disrespecful and misunderstanding of the nursing relationship does one have to be in order to even CONSIDER suggesting such a ludicrous action? Apparently cows rank higher in importance to the folks over at PETA than Nursing Moms.

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