Want some irony?

I got my access back today – and you know what Alli did?

Stole my phone, tossed it in the toy chest and proceeded to lie to me about it for three entire hours whilst I ransacked the house in a frantic search for it. You see, we don’t have a home phone so my cell is my only link to the outside world via voice.

I wasn’t so much upset that she stole it.

Just that she lied to me about it for so long.

But hey, that’s life with kids.

I should know that by now, shouldn’t I?

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  1. mcgearstella

    Here’s some more for you….I went up to see what the problem was with my husband giving the kids a bath and what I found was my husband scrubbing the carpet in our bedroom and our three year, not yet completely potty trained child, sitting on the toilet. Apparently, the child who won’t do poops in the toilet will do them on the floor in our bedroom!! GROSS!!

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