Busy day today!

Alli and I went to Target this morning to pick out a new Sunday School outfit. She helped me push the cart most of the time we were there, tiring out just as we were preparing to leave. So I picked her up and put her in the seat (OUCH) until we got to the car. She is feeling much better, only had to have tylenol and ibuprofen once each today. And we haven’t taken her temp since Friday evening because she just hasn’t been warm enough to warrant the battle. As it is, we’ve had to come up with creative ways to get her to take her medicine.

After we got home, we had lunch, she went down for nap, and I went back to the store for groceries. My pelvis is KILLING me and I am hoping staying home tomorrow will prove to be a good thing.

Gotta run, time to watch TV with Chris!

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