Plans Change

Alli has had an off again on again fever since last Sunday. It had been most off until yesterday at 3p when it shot up to 103. I immediately gave her ibuprofen and a cool bath and it went back down. When Chris checked on her at midnight, it was back up to 104. Again he administered ibuprofen (along with water) and checked about an hour later and it was back down.

I checked on her this morning and the fever was 102 and accompanied by the chills. I gave her some more medicine and some juice to drink as well. Then she asked me to snuggle with her in bed to keep her company, which I did. She almost fell back asleep and then noticed it was bright outside and wanted to get up. I talked with her about how because she was sick, she and I would be staying home and not going to Nana and Papa’s for Thanksgiving today. Alli was sad but understood.

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while Chris & Charlotte went over to Nana & Papa’s. While I was disappointed to miss out on a traditional Thanksgiving, it was rather nice not to have to worry about going anywhere on Thanksgiving. And Alli and I did enjoy the time alone here at the house. Chris and Charlotte have not yet returned but will be bringing plates for both Alli & I so we’ll at least get to eat like it’s Thanksgiving. I’m also going to be cooking a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday evening – just a small one for the four of us. Kind of a tradition left from Chris’ days as a restaurant manager when we would do Thanksgiving whenever he had a day off around the holiday because he ALWAYS had to work. I rather like having a private Turkey day dinner NOT on the holiday. Makes me feel like I’m bucking a commercial trend. :-)

So I wasn’t planning on posting today but here I am.

A big Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who visits. May today be kind to you AND to your tummies!

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