Tears of Pain…

Oh how I wish I had started PT this morning…

My pelvis is so sadly misaligned that I can’t walk without pressing my upper thighs together for support. I have broken into tears three times already this morning, each time Alli has hugged me and told me not to cry because I have family. AWWWW…..

I took some tylenol but it’s not helping. I know at some point it will pop back into place, but in the meantime, I am sore sore sore… and out of alignment all the way up to my neck as well. *sighs*

I am SO looking forward to PT tomorrow for this – it’s becoming dehibilitating! And unfortunately I am not feeling like it’s something that my husband completely understands either. I can’t pick up the girl’s toy basket or move things around – I had to move the coffee table this morning – that was my first outburst into tears. My second was sitting down. Sad when the simple act of sitting makes you cry. Third outburst was because Alli wanted to sit in my lap and hug me – I moved wrong – OUCH. She was so sweet though – hugged me anyways and kept saying, don’t you cry.. it’s ok! I just don’t know what i’d do without her. she’s got the biggest heart and just cares SO much… have no idea where she gets that from! 😉

Gotta run, I’m gonna try and go sit in one of the recliners and see if that helps some. Prayers would certainly be appreciated….

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