LNRed, tired eyes? Tear-streaked face? Spit-up- or drool-covered shoulder?  Leaky boobs or formula stains on your sleeve? Hair that is frizzy – or greasy – beyond belief – and has only been in a bun for weeks? An anxious brain that won’t shut off – or a foggy one that won’t turn on?

And – ahem – who even knows what’s going on down there?!

You’re a new mom. You’re in the thick of it. You’re likely terrified, and sad, and happy, and angry, and tired, and ecstatic, and all of the feelings all at the same time.

But I promise you’ll get better. I promise life will get better. I promise you’ll be able to shower, and sleep more, and claim some of your time back for yourself soon.

You’re an incredible mother – and if you feel like you’re not, and that scares you or makes you worried or upset or sad?

That shows even more that you are.

I promise.

(Lesley Neadel)

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