Dear Pantone 19-4305 Pirate Black: You are not Alone

A few minutes ago, a member of #PPDChat shared this picture with me. You can find the original here.

I stared at it for a minute. Then I desperately wanted to reach out to the person who created this. To tell her that there’s no reason to continue to hide in the dark, in the black fog of Postpartum Depression.

I want to whisper to her that I am here, that she is not alone. To whisper that the claws of Postpartum Depression, yes, dipped in intense fear, are removable. There are those of us out here who understand what those claws feel like as they rip into our shoulders, our flesh, our hearts. As they shred our dreams and force us to create new ones from the ashes left behind.

Help is so close, and it will swirl around you just as the dark fog is swirling around you now. Except unlike the dark fog, the help lifts you up. It doesn’t drag you down or paralyze you in fear.

The help awaiting you buoys you up, above the fog, beyond the darkness. It’s out there, waiting for you to find it. Please, I urge you, take the first step and reach out. Further than this, email someone, talk to a professional, call Postpartum Support International. Find me on Twitter. Or email me.

You are not alone in the fear which has been your captor since July of 2011.  Make this year the year you find freedom.

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