I’ll be here

(Husbands… need a cheat sheet on what to say to your wife? PRINT & MEMORIZE THIS POST.)

When you feel as if you have nowhere to turn…. I’ll be here.

When you’re all alone and lost…. I’ll be here.

When you can’t breathe because anxiety has stolen your breath… I’ll be here.

When scary thoughts dive into your head…. I’ll be here.

When you don’t want to sleep because you’re afraid of what might come… I’ll be here.

When you sleep all day because you can’t bear to get out of bed… I’ll be here.

When you’re filled with fear and can’t move… I’ll be here.

When you need to wail and scream and punch… I’ll be here.

When you need to be held close forever because nowhere else feels safe… I’ll be here.

When you need someone to just listen… I’ll be here.

When you need a break from your screaming child… I’ll be here.

When you need to feel love… I’ll be here.

When you need to just be… I’ll be here.

I love you.

I know, somewhere, deep within, you still love me too.

This is me. Here. Waiting for you.

To come back.

Waiting. For as long as it takes.

I’ll be here.

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0 thoughts on “I’ll be here

  1. thesearenewdays

    I didn’t have PPD. I’m a single mom with three small kids and have had my share of times that I thought would wear me right down to nothing.. So even though I didn’t have PPD, I need all this, too. What mother doesn’t? But it will take a strong man, won’t it? A strong man who is smart enough to know that a woman who feels this deeply is so worth it.
    Thank you for this. It is simply exquisite.

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  3. Kate LeBlanc

    This is lovely and “right on”, as usual, Lauren. I am reminded again of how grateful I am that my husband said these things, in actions more than words, when I experienced PPD. I agree with the others who have said that this is not easy to do but having loved ones who say, feel and act this way is my wish for every mother who is struggling.
    Thank you!

    1. Lauren Hale

      What an amazing husband you have… these words are so important to “do” more than say – and it takes a lot of strength to put them into action. I too, wish every mother struggling a partner like this…

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