My Postpartum Voice named one of Psych Central’s 2010 Top 10 Depression Blogs

If you heard loud shrieking this morning, that was me.

I apologize.

When I began this blog, the purpose was nothing more than to reframe an unexpected pregnancy after two episodes of Postpartum OCD, depression, and a side of PTSD for kicks. (What can I say, I like to live on the edge!)

I had no inkling that three years later I would still be blogging. To be completely honest, I had no idea I would even blog the entire pregnancy. I am horrible at journaling. But clearly great at blogging.

To be named in the Top 10 Postpartum Depression Writers at Katherine Stone’s Postpartum Progress rocked my world enough just a few weeks ago.

And then I find out that my blog has been named one of the Top 10 Depression Blogs over at PsychCentral? Whoa.

This award is received in company with Katherine, @Abeeliever (who, by the way, moderates #mhsm chats quite often on Twitter and totally rocks it), Dr. Deborah Serani, and Dr. David Mrazek over at the Mayo Clinic Depression Blog and a few other awesome bloggers who are constantly sharing themselves, research, and providing outreach for those who are struggling with depression on a daily basis.

A HUGE Thank You to PsychCentral, my readers, and especially to my husband and family who put up with my blogging on a daily basis.

I am so very honored to be a part of this list.

2010 has been awesome.

But you know what? 2011 is gonna be even better.

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