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DAY FOURTEEN (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

I love today’s challenge!

I grew up in a hugging home. We always hugged, said I loved you, laughed, and cuddled. I am glad I grew up this way because it has given me a great appreciation for passing it onto my children and hope that they will too, pass it on to their children.

Hugs are such an essential part of the day. I get down if I don’t get my hugs and will often snag my husband in an embrace as we pass by each other in the hustle and bustle of the day. Speaking of my husband, he recently blogged about the importance of hugging over at his place.

Three hugs? I can do that.

I may even toss in a few more for extra credit!

DAY FOURTEEN Two weeks down, one to go of the 21 day self-care challenge! Remember those sad baby monkeys in a psych book, clinging to the towel-wrapped wire mother monkey? In landmark work by Dr. Harry Harlow, infant monkeys were deprived of warmth and contact with caretakers, clearly demonstrating the importance of physical touch to survival and emotional well-being. You’ve heard the popular 60’s slogan, “have you hugged your kids today?” We accept the crit … Read More

via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010

C-Sections and Postpartum Depression: Is there a link?

When Theresa over at The Healthy Baby Network asked me to write an article about the potential link between Postpartum Mood Disorders and Cesarean Sections, I was excited as it was a new area of research for me. I started out with the expectation of finding a definitive link. However, I failed to locate just such a link. Many of the research studies swing toward or away from a link. And one review study lacks a conclusive result in either direction.

Why is this? Why is there no proven link when repeatedly I have heard from mother after mother who had a cesarean section of the emotional struggles she has faced after the birth of her child? Of the trauma, the disappointment, the disbelief that birth did not go quite the way it should have?

Go read the article I wrote for Theresa over at The Healthy Baby Network and chime in with your thoughts. We would love to hear them!

DAY THIRTEEN (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

Want to know when my favorite time of day is these days?

It is right after my husband leaves to take the girls to school.

Our son is still in bed, the dogs are still groggy, and the house is blissfully silent.

I sit on the couch, sometimes with my computer, sometimes without, and listen to the silence. Revel in it, almost.

I love this silent portion of my day because it allows me to slowly wake up and greet the day. I do not function as well on days when I am rushed out of bed and into life. I need to be able to take it slowly. Sure, I am capable of diving right in if necessary. I simply prefer not to do so.

In a moment, I will be closing my computer and turning on my Wii to do my morning Yoga. And then I intend on heating up some delicious leftover breakfast casserole which I will enjoy a la today’s challenge. (And perhaps I will do the same later with some Triple Chocolate Ice cream!)

What will YOU be enjoying today?

DAY THIRTEEN Back for the 21 day self-care challenge? Aren’t you proud! Like most women, you’re an expert multi-tasker, priding yourself on answering the phone, stirring the stew, juggling the baby, writing a check all at once. A toy-strewn den and sticky kitchen counters after dad’s home with two kids all day chronicles his ability to multitask. Don’t want to go there! While multi-tasking seems commendable, many of us cram too much into too little time. I sa … Read More

via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010

DAY TWELVE (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)


It’s intimidating and scary for some. It was for me.

But then we got a Wii and I suddenly was doing this in the privacy of my own home. I LOVED it. And I turned out to be much more flexible than I thought. My aches and pains faded, my need for coffee faded (as I was doing it right after rolling out of bed in the morning), and my body grew stronger and stronger the more I practiced my yoga. On days I did my yoga, just as with sleep, I was happier, peppier, stronger, and much less short-tempered with those around me.

Yoga, in a word, is miraculous.

I strongly recommend it for anyone needing to take some time for themselves.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the crocodile pose.

(Please tweet my hubs, @daddysdown if I don’t tweet in about 15 minutes to let him know I’ve fallen asleep in the nursery, will you? Thanks so very much!)

DAY TWELVE A pat on the back for continuing this 21 day self-care challenge! The mind-body benefits of yoga are legendary, and documented with scientific research. Regular yoga practice helps handle the stress hormones: cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Yoga decreases blood glucose levels, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and boosts immune function. Frequent yoga workouts produce more GABA, a brain chemical that reduces anxiety and depression. … Read More

via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010