Two years ago today

I wrecked my Mazda.

Without insurance, I went to the hospital on a backboard.

My fingers and toes were numb. Tingly but mostly numb.

I was scared.

It got worse.

After what seemed like an eternity in the hospital, I was released.

Into the custody of a Police Officer.

For not having auto insurance.

Because my husband was addicted to marijuana and had not been paying our bills because he had been too busy paying his habit.

All of this after surviving two episodes of Postpartum Depression.

Giving birth to a third child and FINALLY experiencing bliss. What it was SUPPOSED to be like. Heart Soaring Heaven.

Two years later from that night  – tonight –

I am in my living room.

My husband is sitting in his chair.

We love each other more than ever. We talk more than ever.


WE are strong.

Still not perfect but hey, who really is?

God had to tear us down first and whooo… did he tear us down.

But it was worth it. Oh so very worth it.

Marriage is for better. For Worse. We’ve been  both places.

Better is well, better. But Worse is survivable.

And I am grateful.

SO grateful He chose me all over again.

Today is his 2 year sober anniversary. And our two year brand new marriage anniversary.

Happy anniversary, honey.

I love you more than I can ever ever tell you with words.

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