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Mommy Mantras

About the Mantras:

Mommy Mantras are phrases you can say in your head or out loud if you need to, during those trying moments of mothering. They act to empower you, revive you, and remind you that there is always another way to see your situation. Buddhist-inspired and psychologically grounded, these snippets of wisdom derive from entertaining and universal stories of unpredictable life with children.

About the Authors:

Mommy Mantra AuthorsDiane Dillon, Ph.D. is a psychologist, teacher and mother of two young children. She is the Director of the Child Study Team and a founding faculty member at The School at Columbia University, an innovative school serving a diverse population of faculty and community children in New York City. Previously, she was on the faculty at Columbia University’s Teachers College and served on the committee on special education in NYC. Diane attests to the effectiveness of the mantras as she invokes many of them on a daily basis.

Beth Casarjian, Ph.D. is the mother of three children under the age of seven. Beth is also the co-author of ‘Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life,’ a book written for incarcerated and other highly at-risk youth. Currently, Beth is the clinical director of the National Emotional Literary Project for Youth-at-Risk and conducts clinical trainings and research in connection with the Power Source Program, an initiative of the Lionheart Foundation.

Miss Cellania

About Miss Cellania:

I am a single mom, and a currently unemployed radio announcer, living in Kentucky. I have way too much to do, but I love sharing things I think are funny, so this site is my hobby. I do this to avoid real work. Hope you enjoy what you find here!

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