Pelvic Pain is well, annoying

I’m out of alignment. Big Time. Again. Right now I am sitting indian style on the couch while the girls play in the floor and watch Little Bear. It’s too warm in here to use the heating pad – I KNOW I would start sweating and once I start that when pregnant, I just don’t stop. I suppose I could open the window but it’s a mere 46 outside and I don’t want to freeze the girls out. I did have a couple of pops last night while sleeping but they weren’t deep and didn’t do much good. I even did pelvic exercises Saturday evening. If I’m still sore this evening after dinner, I will probably take a warm bath. Why wait until this evening? Because – once I get in the tub, I am going to need some help out and i seriously doubt that Alli & Charlotte will be able to provide the support I need.

I am already dreading my OB appt in the morning – not so much the checking on the baby part but the having to lie down on the exam table part. It’s going to be sheer torture because of my current misalignment. I’m seriously considering taking a pillow with me to put under my lower back to help alleviate any pain and provide extra support. I’m  hoping Alli will be able to go so that we can all go but with her recent fever and the fact she woke up with one this morning, I am highly doubting she’ll be going tomorrow. I know chris will be disappointed that he won’t get to see Cameron again but I’d rather be safe than sorry and take a sick child to an OB office.

Another reason i’m nervous about tomorrow is finding out just what position in which Cameron is currently resting. I don’t think it’s head down – I will be very shocked if he is in that position. He’s lower than he was just a few days ago and I think that may be what’s aggrevating my pelvic issues. This morning I had some strange pain pretty low – probably just him moving about, etc. The pain has subsided now that I am resting instead of doing dishes, laundry, and making breakfast for the girls. I really don’t want to have a c-section as I have had two prior vaginal deliveries but if it’s necessary, at least it’s available, right? I’m trying to prepare myself for that possibility because I really think it might end up happening. In fact, if he’s not head down tomorrow, I may just talk to my OB about that possibility. I’m sure he’ll want to discuss it anyway if baby’s not head down yet.

Today my plan is to create my birth plan and print out the postpartum action plan for Chris and I to go over. I’ll share both here once they’re complete.

Gotta run, time to turn on some Christmas music for the girls.

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