It’s 943am, my youngest is napping…

And my oldest is over at Nana and Papa’s. So the house is quiet – and I’ve nothing to do. I’m sure I could come up with a project or two – I’d really like to bake some bread but the dishwasher isn’t finished yet and certain things I’d need to do that are still being cleaned. So here I sit – unaccustomed to being solo at 945am in the morning. It’s an odd yet strangely nice feeling.

I had a cup of coffee with breakfast this morning. Split some peach yogurt with Charlotte. She’s really developing her own little personality and BOY is she stubborn! She does NOT do anything UNLESS she wants to. Hrm. Wonder who on earth she got that from? (Both her father and I are very good at standing our ground when necessary – or even unneccessary) This morning after breakfast she grabbed my hand and lifted it up – wouldn’t let it go until I waved just like her. We played in the floor for about 45 minutes and then she started fussing. She crawled over into my lap and promptly put her thumb in her mouth. Naptime! So we changed her diaper and then I laid her down in her crib. Not even a single whimper – and I walked out of her room not knowing what on EARTH I was going to do…. maybe I’ll just go take a shower and enjoy the hour or so of quiet I’ll have before Alli gets home.

Oh, and one last little tidbit – when I was in college, I got this mood magnet from the on campus long distance company. You know – the one with all those different mood faces and then there’s a selector box that goes with it so you can “frame” how you feel that day – well, the other day for the first time in AGES I moved it to HAPPY. And it’s been there since. And I reallly and truly mean it! I had been hesitant to move it there because I just wasn’t sure but then I thought – what the heck – maybe just MOVING it there will really boost my mood and it has! I’ve been working really hard to clean up the house – and it feels good to know that I’m making progress. I made some serious progress in the dining room yesterday – now if I can JUST get the daggum kitchen straight – problem is that room gets used the most and it’s so hard to keep it clean when it seems like a tornado has just hit it – guess that’s what I get for LOVING To cook – I ALWAYS have a full sink of dishes to be done. And when I get ALMOST done – I decide to bake something else! LOL! Housework – it never goes away. (BUT it can go AWRY!)

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